La Paz

Earlier this week, I got on a plane to leave Peru. Thankfully, the plane was going south and not north, because I am not quite ready to go back to the states yet. 

I arrived in La Paz, Bolivia in the morning. Getting the visa to enter the country didn’t go quite as smooth as I wanted it to go, but eventually they let me in. (FYI: if you ever travel to Bolivia, make sure you have your proof of leaving the country printed out because a screen shot on your phone apparently is not good enough.)

After I successfully made my way through customs, I found a mini bus to take me to the center of the city where I walked to my hostel. I gave myself some time to rest and nap before I headed back out to enjoy the city. 

The vibe of La Paz reminded me somewhat of Cusco, but with a little more grunge. At an altitude of 3,640 meters, walking through the streets can be somewhat challenging and tiring. I enjoyed walking through the narrow winding cobblestone streets and wandering in and out of different markets and shops. My favorite part was the area know as the merado de las brujas or witches market. You can find lots of Andean medicinal supplies to cure your “soul” if you are feeling sick. 

In the witch’s market, you can purchase different animals that you would burn along with other items to cure various illnesses.

The next day, I did a city tour which included a trip to la Valle de la Luna or the moon valley. The rock formations were surreal and beautiful. 

After the moon valley I took a ride on the teleférico, one of the city’s forms of local transportation. It is  basically a ski lift that can take you across the city. I was surprised at how high it was, and it made me a little nervous to ride in one by myself. 

La Paz was really just a connecting point for me to get to Uyuni, so I didn’t stay long. After some well-deserved Bolivian wine (really I wish I drank it before I got on the teleférico) I took a night bus from the station in La Paz to start the real action of my trip. 
To be continued… 

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