Nothing like escaping the city with awesome people

Over the weekend, my friends and I decided to get out of the city and take a trip to the province of Ica. Just a five hour bus ride south of Lima and a short taxi ride from the center of Ica is the city of Huacachina. Known for sand dunes, Huacachina is a desert oasis where people go for sand boarding and dune buddy rides.


We arrived early on a Saturday morning, and after hanging out at the pool, we headed out for a dune buggy adventure before sunset.


Our buggy

The dune buggy was only slightly terrifying. It was like being on a roller coaster – if that roller coaster ran on sand mountains instead of tracks and had seat belts that weren’t quite tight enough (I think this was just my problem).




Lucky for me, I have two very good friends who let me sit between them in the buggy, so I felt pretty safe. Kat’s face might tell a different story…

The buggies stopped a few times to let us take pictures and go sand boarding. The first time we stopped for sand boarding, we went down a fairly small dune. Then we would get back on the buggy and travel to a new, bigger mountain of sand. The last dune we went down was giant! It was pretty cool…


Jonathan waiting for us at the bottom of a dune

At the end, we got to watch the sun set over the dunes before heading back into Huacachina for a nap and some nightlife. It was absolutely beautiful.



Many people are surprised to find that in the middle of the desert of Peru are vineyards where people make pisco and wine. In Ica, just 20 minutes outside of Huacachina, you can visit some of the vineyards and taste the different varieties of pisco and Peruvian wine. And on Sunday, my friends and I did just that.


First, we went to Tacama. This is an industrial vineyard in Ica. We got to tour the grounds and afterwards, we tasted their wine and pisco.

After seeing Tacama, we got to tour one of the artisanal vineyards in Ica. At this particular vineyard, they show you the old-fashioned way to make pisco and wine, using large concrete jars that are sealed with cement during fermentation.

After the tour was over, we headed to the bus station to find our way back to Lima. This week is a short week, and we have another adventure soon to come.


Amigos out.

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