Sunny Days

Winter is officially over and the sun is starting to come back out in Lima.

And when the sun is out you have to aprovechar.

Aprovechar is the verb that means “to take advantage of,” except in Spanish it doesn’t really carry the same kind of negative connotation that it can sometimes carry in English. It’s more like “to make the most of.” And we make the most of just about everything in Lima. Because lima is awesome.

Last weekend, my favorite people and I spent our Sunday at an outdoor art festival.


There were food trucks and live music. We enjoyed people watching and had lunch outside.

We got veggie wraps and papas (of course), and because we are in Peru, we put alllllllll the salsas on our papas. Peruvian favorites are ketchup, mayo, and ají (a spicy sauce made from hot peppers).

Kat and I in Baranco

Kat, Jonathan, Abby and I enjoyed the weather while we walked around Barranco. We went down to  look at the ocean because our friend Jonathan says you should try to appreciate the ocean every day. ✌🏼

equipo original

Lat week was great because we had a long weekend (which was started early by Kat’s birthday on Thursday). Tuesday was a holiday, and we didn’t have to go to work.

Tuesday was All Saints Day, and in Lima it is celebrated with religious processions in the city center. My friend Larry and I decided to venture out and see what it was like.

Procesion en el Centro de Lima

Unlike Larry, I am not a giant, but the view of all the people was pretty cool (or so I was told). Everyone was gathered around to watch as people carried the representation of a saint throughout the streets of Lima.

We ended the day back in Miraflores where we met up with Kat and Jonathan in a park to enjoy the rest of the nice weather.

Aprovechamos we did.

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