Contrary to what you might believe from reading the “adventures” section of my blog, I am in Peru to work as an English Teaching Assistant at a wonderful university called La Universidad Feminina del Sagrado Corazón (UNIFÉ).


Practicing verb tenses in English Workshop

My experience working as an ETA at a university has been so much different than my experience as a Spanish teacher in the U.S. I have definitely been missing my students from Sumter, but it has been so rewarding to work with the students in the Translation and Interpretation department at UNIFÉ. For one, they are really motivated to improve their English. The other part that I love is that the university in general has a really great culture among the students. The students are very smart, and they are not afraid to participate or ask questions in class. It is very empowering to be surrounded by such determined and hardworking women in this type of environment.


Samantha and Ilany using Story Cubes

Because my students are so advanced, I am able to do a lot of different activities with them to practice their English. In addition to teaching in their English classes, I have an English workshop that I run three times a week. In my workshop, I really feel like I am able to build relationships with my students and get to know them. They all have such great personalities and are a pleasure to work with.

A highlight of last semester was our Fourth of July party. I brought some props and we had a makeshift photo booth.


We play a lot of games to practice English. I try to do activities in English club where they have to participate, so that everyone has a chance to practice.


A variation of “kings”

This semester, I get to teach students from second and fourth cycle (students in their first and second year), and it is going well! Just recently we celebrated Translator’s Day. The translation department had a big event outside at the university. The students had all kinds of games and activities for the students to celebrate being translators.


Students playing musical chairs


Me with fourth cycle students on Dia de Traductor

The cool thing about being an English Teaching Assistant is that I am kind of in the middle of being a professor and being their friend. Because so many of my students are about the same age as me, we get along really well. It is definitely going to be hard to leave my students in December. I am enjoying spending time with them and getting to know them!

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