I recently had a birthday.


And because my friends here are the greatest of all time, it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

First of all, it lasted about five days long. Since my actual birthday fell on a Monday, we had to celebrate the weekend preceding it, and since we were all on vacation from work, that weekend started on Thursday night.

The new Fulbrighters had just arrived to Lima, so we took them out to one of our classic Barranco bars: HELP! It only exists on Thursdays, so it feels like a special night out on the town when we go.


Mal de Amores, Barranco

On Friday night we went back to Barranco. We started the night at Mal de Amores, our favorite previo spot. We like it for the funky art and good chilcanos.

After Mal de Amores, we walked over to another Barranco classic – Victoria Bar!


Friday night at Victoria Bar


Going to Victoria Bar had us all feeling nostalgic, because this is one of the first bars we ever went to in Lima!!

So I spent most of Saturday morning and afternoon sleeping, and little did I know that my friends were up to something. Basically, they were planning the greatest birthday party ever at my friend Abby’s apartment! When I finally got dressed for the evening, I headed over to her place with my roomate Fiore. They had decorations!! and a cheese plate!!! Now, if that isn’t a sign of great friendship, I don’t know what is.


We had a few chilcanos and hung out while our intercultural group decided where to go out for the night.


My friends are just too sweet… before we went out, they brought out a delicious birthday cake!


And even better, it was from one of our favorite bakeries, Maga mis suspiros.

We finally made it out and spent the night dancing at Picas Bar in Barranco. It is a beautiful bar right underneath of the puente de los suspiros. We stayed out later than I would like to post publicly on this blog, but it was so much fun!!

And the celebration did not end on Saturday night. The next day, we went to our favorite Sunday brunch spot, Pan de la Chola, in Miraflores. They have the BEST sandwiches and even better baked goods.


My friends even brought a balloon and tied it to my chair. 🙂 They are too cute.


My favorite people in Lima, also known as the Equipo!!

After lunch, Abby and I went to the market to buy veggies. I need to do some damage control. I think I’ve had a few too many sweets lately.

Oh yeah, and the party still didn’t stop there. On Monday (the actual date of my birth), my friends and I had dinner at a sushi place. I can probably eat sushi every day of my life, so I was a pretty happy birthday girl. And yet again, the wonderful people that I am proud to call my friends celebrated by singing happy birthday and bringing a surprise birthday sushi out to the table.

After almost a full week of celebrations, my heart was absolutely filled with joy. This birthday celebration reminded me that all you need in life are a few good friends who won’t leave your side, who will support you through everything, and who will do anything to make your life better each and every day.

By far, the best gift I received (and probably will ever receive) was this amazing, heartwarming, beautiful, thoughtful video that my friends made for me. They may or may not have showed it right before we were about to leave to go out on Saturday night, and I may or may not have cried.

It was a birthday filled with love and laughter, and one that I will never forget.

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