So Abby and I decided that we needed a vacation during our vacation.

So naturally, we went to the beach.


And we did approximately nothing but read, sleep, tan ourselves, and eat. For one week.

We flew from Lima to Piura. And from the Piura we took a colectivo bus to the department of Tumbes to stay in a small beach town called Zorritos.

August is technically winter in Peru, so it was the low season. But the weather was wonderful for a chill beach trip. We stayed at a small resort right on the beach. Our room had a view of the ocean and hammocks on the balcony. Yes, it was a very romantic lady vacay. We are not ashamed.


Abby enjoying the view

Zorritos was beautiful and super relaxed. We spent a couple days covered in sunscreen and sand and buried ourselves in books. It was amazing.


Our private paradise in Zorritos

Zorritos is not far from the city of Tumbes, so one day we decided to take a trip to the city and check out the mangroves. We found a tour guide and she showed us around. She was also very, very insistent that we take lots of photos.


Church in the center or Tumbes

We finished the mangrove tour and headed back into the city, where we tried ceviche de conchas negras (clam ceviche). A classic dish from the northern coast of Peru.


Ceviche de conchas negras

The tour of the mangroves also included a tour of a small island where we got to see some alligators. The alligators are being bred on the island, apparently students from local universities come to the island to do research, but during the day you can see the gators.

The tour was a nice way to escape the sun for an afternoon.


After a couple days in Zorritos, we traveled to the popular city of Máncora, which is in the department of Piura. Máncora was a much more lively city, with lots of young people and tourists. The beach here was definitely more lively than the beach in Zorritos, and the city of Mancora has lots of options of places to eat and go out at night. It was nice to be back to a city with a little more action, and we went out for sushi and drinks the night we got there.


Cleaned up for a night out

After a week of reading, relaxing, and soaking as much sun as humanly possible, it was back to our foggy Lima. We enjoyed one last sunset on the beach and got ready for the journey home.



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