Ai Lof Lima

Sure, rush hour traffic lasts for four hours in the morning and four more in the evening. It takes me almost two hours to travel eight miles every day. The sky is about to be gray for the next few months.

But I. Love. Lima.

Even the traffic isn’t so bad, really. I may even miss it when I leave. I am so up to date on current events thanks to all of the hours I get to spend listening to podcasts on the bus.

And I can deal with gray weather. I mean, it doesn’t really rain. So it’s more like just an excuse to wear a different scarf every day (another one of my greatest passions).

So, for you Lima haters out there, or I guess for anyone who is considering making travel plans: here are a few of the reasons that I am totally into this city right now. In no particular order.

  1. As you probably could have guessed by reading my previous post, Comida: The food is awesome.

Ceviche, and sushi, and quinoa are just a few of the food treasures that this place has to offer. Even when I cook in my home or with friends, the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and home made bread make our meal totally gourmet. Not to mention the added bonus of the fact that all of the ingredients are so cheap!


2. The spectacular combination of beach+mountains.

From my bedroom window and just a block and a half from my apartment, I have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. On my bus ride to work everyday, I drive through the mountains. A quick weekend trip is enough time to take in the spectacular views that the Andes mountains have to offer. A beach day when the weather is nice is the perfect way to escape the city. You can’t beat all that.


3. Yoga


Yes, it is a small joy, but I am totally obsessed with the yoga studio that is just a block and a half away from my apartment. Namaste.


3. Little quirks like the cats of Parque Kennedy.


Parque Kennedy, one of the most famous parks in Lima, is also home to probably 99% of Lima’s stray cats. The cats have made this little park their home, so much so that they will consider any food that you bring to the park to actually be theirs.


4. Art.

Whether it is hidden in the corners of the city or in a well known museum, Lima has some awesome art. You just have to know where to find it.


5. Concerts. Free ones.

Reggae, Cumbia, Salsa. It’s like every weekend my friends and I have to decide which free concert we will attend. I’m not complaining….


6.  Markets.


Another small joy. Riding my bike down the malecon, taking in views of the Pacific Ocean on my way to the market where I can buy any fruit, vegetable, or herb that I could possibly want.


7. Cacti.



Because I will never get over the fact that Lima is considered a “coastal desert.” How is that possible? I may never know…



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