So I’ve been in Lima almost 8 weeks now, and I think it’s about time to dedicate a post to one thing that everyone can appreciate: food.

Because I’ve been eating a lot of it.


Thank goodness I also live right next to the malecon so I can run it all off the next day…


Peruvian food is pretty eclectic. A “typical” meal usually includes rice, potatoes (yes, both of those things together), some type of meat, and corn.

Version 2

The above dish was the chancho al palo I had when we visited Pachacamac. It is basically pork cooked slowly on a giant grill. The skin outside was crunchy but inside was juiiicy. Of course, it came with a giant potato and corn because Peruvians love potatoes and corn. Also – don’t judge the onion salad. It’s amazing. I have no idea what they do to it, but somehow the onions aren’t too strong and it is suuper delicious and fresh.

But I am just getting started.

Sandwiches here are sort of a big deal.


They usually include a lot of meat and the same delicious onions that you can see in the last dish.

I’m not much of a carnivore so let’s move on…

Did I mention that Peruvians love potatoes?


This is a dish called causa, and Peruvians love it. It’s sort of like a potato sandwich. The bottom layer is potato, the middle of this one happens to be tomatoes, mayo, and avocado, (but there are lots of variations), and the top layer is more potato topped with some cheese and herbs.

They have this stuff everywhere from fancy seafood restaurants where they serve it with crab meat in the middle, to small cafeterias where they make much simpler versions. This one was from the cafeteria at my university.

Alright, now lets get into the really good stuff.

Peruvian-Chinese food. AKA Chifa.


Yup, when it comes to Chinese food, Peru is #winning.

Mountains of glorious, delicious, Chinese-Peruvian fusion. Few things make me happier than a bowl full of lo mein noodles topped with every vegetable known to man.

Except for maybe rice and seafood.

Which brings me to the next dish.


Arroz con mariscos, or rice with seafood.

This is by far the most delicious dish I have tried so far. Warm, creamy rice mixed with alllll the seafood you could possibly want. This is the perfect dish to warm you up after a chilly beach day. I think I found my new comfort food.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Peruvian food to end all Peruvian food.

Maybe you’ve heard of it.

It’s called CEVICHE.


Fresh, raw fish marinated in lime juice, served with aji or peppers for a little spice, and onions and other herbs mixed in as well. This dish is so fresh and delicious. By far one of the best things you could eat in Peru.

About a month before I left for Peru, Danny and I ate at a Peruvian food truck in DC. When we told the chef that I was moving to Lima, he told me, “You are going to eat well.”

That was an understatement.


Part two coming soon…..

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