So around 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon I receive a text from a friend about a trip out of town for the upcoming weekend.

“No pressure,” she says, “but summer is ending.”

That was enough to ask her to sign me up, too.

Did I have hiking boots? Nope. A sleeping bag? Nope. A backpack big enough to carry all of the ‘abrigo pero mucho abrigo’ that I would need to survive the night at the top of a mountain? Nope.

But somehow it all came together.

And it was beautiful.


To arrive, we took a bus a couple hours outside of Lima to a town at the base of the mountain of Marcahuasi. The ride was pretty bumpy.

Once we arrived, we had lunch and started our hike. Not quite so easy when you are at an altitude of 4,000 meters.

After about a three hour hike, we made it to our campsite.


We were tired.


We set up camp and went out for a sunset hike on the top of the mountain.


Lima felt so far away.


It was so peaceful there.



And the view was spectacular.



Above the clouds.


After watching the sun go down, we spent the rest of the night at the campfire toasting marshmallows and playing games (pisco included).


When we finally “went to bed,” I spent the night dreaming (wishing) that I had brought more socks to wear. I am pretty sure I woke up every hour wondering when the sun would come back out to warm me up.

When the morning finally arrived, we started our day with some maté de coca tea and went back out for another hike.





I’d say it was a weekend well spent.


Stay tuned for the next adventure.





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