The Begining

So I have been in Lima for a little over two weeks now and things are finally starting to feel normal. In the first week, I went from staying in a hotel, to an AirBnb, to a friend’s place, until I finally found the apartment where I am living now. I live in a district called Miraflores, and my apartment is only two blocks away from the Malecón, a road that runs alongside the coast. It is beautiful here, and the weather is much hotter than I expected, however apparently that is going to change soon as summer here is coming to an end.

I arrived to Lima with three other Fulbright ETA’s. Their names are Sarah, Kat, and Abby. Three of us are placed to teach in Lima and Sarah is placed in Arequipa (she had to leave after the first few days, which was sad – but we are all excited to go visit her!). We also met two Fulbrighters, Sara and Ana, who have been here since August. We all went out to dinner together before Sarah had to leave for Arequipa!


So far, I have been able to see a few different parts of Lima. On our first Saturday, my Fulbright friends and I spent the afternoon outside in a district called San Isidro. There was a free outdoor concert and a bunch of food trucks. We happened to run into the other few people we already knew in Lima and sat outside eating and chatting.


Outdoor concert in San Isidro

That evening, we went to a bar in a district called Barranco that had some more live music. A few days later, one of our Peruvian friends, Jonathan, took Kat, Abby, and I to the center of Lima to explore a little bit. I am still so amazed at just how BIG this city is! Later that night, Kat and I went with Jonathan to a concert that featured reggae and Afro-Peruvian music as well as Cumbia.


Plaza de Armas in Lima

And finally, last weekend, we went to an outdoor market to buy some fresh ingredients too cook. Then, I hosted dinner in my new apartment!

I am still getting used a lot of things, like the food, the traffic (its unimaginable), the heat, my crazy schedule, and speaking Spanish alllll the time, but so far it has been fun! I am looking forward to the adventures that are still to come. I will definitely be sharing them with all of you. 🙂

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